Wrought Iron Yard Fencing in El Dorado Hills, CA

Wrought Iron Yard Fencing

Wrought Iron Yard Fencing Applications in El Dorado Hills (Custom Yard Fencing)

Keep the view you are paying for if you don’t need a 5’ fence for pool code.  This 3’ fence does not obscure the view to Folsom Lake and gives the homeowner a million dollar view that they bought the property for.

The shorter 3’ fence is a perfect addition when wanting the property to have a decorative border without losing the view of the natural beauty that surrounds your home. This type of fencing is perfect for borders, small garden areas, or just to enhance the look of the property. Our designers can alter the height of any fence for the homeowner’s specific needs or desired look.

This design not only serves as a border, but the homeowner could also extend this fence to a garden area to keep small animals at bay. The homeowner could also choose to add a decorative gate that would open up in the area below. Our custom wrought iron yard fences are very versatile in design and purpose.

All of our designs at Vintage Iron keeps the home and surrounding area in mind. We also consider safety to keep our homeowners safe and enjoying their custom wrought iron fencing for many years to come. Durability is another important issue that we cover. We use the best products and powder coat the fencing for the high-quality, strong look that the homeowner desires.

The powder coating process that we use on all of our fences will allow for decades of lasting beauty. You can choose the coloring to match the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Whether you might choose bronze or classic black, both colors will bring charm to your fence. Ask our designers about the different styling options that we offer.  Powder coating adds durability and a classic charm to all of our wrought iron yard fences.