Wrought Iron Railings Sacramento, CA

Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron Railings

Specializing in Hand Railings, Staircase Railing and ADA Railings Sacramento

Wrought Iron Railings Staircase Railings and Iron Hand railing are all custom made to fit any style and any application. Our stair rails are hand forged to the highest standards. We work closely with interior designers, architects, builders and home or business owners to achieve the perfect look while maintaining code requirements. Residential or Commercial Balcony iron Railing, Deck Railing, Porch Railing, etc can really add that extra touch to the interior or exterior of your home,office,medical building,or high rise.

ADA Compliant Handrails & Railings, Handrail, Railing Systems

Our ADA Handrail, Railing Systems are manufactured from high quality forged wrought iron stee. Vintage Iron of Sacramento will meet all ADA accessibility standards in your commercial building.

Iron Railings:

  • Residential Railings
  • Commercial Railings
  • Balcony Railing
  • Deck Railing
  • Porch Railing

Ornamental Wrought Iron Railings in Sacramento

There are many uses for wrought iron railings for your Sacramento, CA or Sacramento, CA home or business. They keep you safe when you are walking up or down the stairs, they keep you from falling off balconies or patios, and they make the place look more beautiful. In fact, there is no better way to get a beautiful, elegant look for your home or business in Sacramento, CA or Sacramento, CA than with a beautiful iron railing from Sacramento Iron!

Wrought iron railings aren’t just beautiful; they are also practical. They help to protect you, your family, your friends, and your customers from injury or accidents. When it comes to safety, there’s no room for mistakes or for not taking it seriously. It is always worth the investment to be able to have the best possible safety equipment, because the alternative would be terrible.

Here at Sacramento Iron, we offer a variety of different options and useful choices for your wrought iron railings, including:

  • ADA compliant railings
  • Custom designs
  • Staircase railings
  • Patio railings
  • And many more!

ADA compliant railings

Many homeowners and business owners in the Sacramento, CA area need to be able to install ADA compliant railings for their homes or businesses. There are certain requirements that the ADA makes for railings, such as how far from the wall the railing should be and how it should be attached to the wall. If you trust your ADA compliant railings needs to someone who does not know what they are doing, you might unfortunately end up with railings that actually do not meet the ADA’s requirements. This would be a major legal liability for you, not to mention an inconvenience when you have to replace the railings. That is why it is so important to trust a reputable builder for your ADA compliant railings – so that you can rest easy knowing that the railings were built correctly and that your customers, employees, and friends are safe.

Custom designs

Railings keep people safe, but they also add a lot to the design of a house or building. With custom designs on your wrought iron railings, you can enjoy seeing the beauty of the railings that you designed, and being surrounded every day by something you made to reflect your own artistic style. When it comes to the look of your Sacramento, CA or Sacramento, CA home or business, you don’t want to skimp on design. You deserve to have a place that looks fantastic, and we can help you with that, here at Sacramento Iron. Let our expert team of craftsmen work with you to create the perfect one of a kind design, or look through our photo gallery and choose from beautiful designs that we have made before for other delighted clients!