Wrought Iron Railing Staircase El Dorado Hills

Monroe Wrought Iron Railing Staircase For Commercial Property in El Dorado Hills

Monroe Wrought Iron Railing Staircase For Commercial Property in El Dorado Hills

Does your property feature a steep slope? Unique curves? Or a narrow entryway?

No space is too challenging for Vintage Iron Sacramento—not even this El Dorado Hills landscape, which features a steep slope with a curved stone staircase.

These wrought iron handrails with grapevine accents outline the curvature of the staircase and the landing above. They also provide safety for guests navigating the steep slope or high landing for a visit to the garden.

Organic Details for Areas with Minimal Landscape

In places where there is minimal landscaping like this El Dorado Hills home, ornamental scrollwork gives the look and feel of organic, natural beauty. Garden goers can admire the beauty of these grapevine accents throughout every season, rain or shine. (And there is no weeding needed!)

Wrought iron scrollwork details are a perfect way to express some personality in your landscape and to create a cohesive architectural design.

This custom-designed railing blends beautifully along the curves of this natural stone staircase. Even the subtle details like the curves of the handles and footings add elegance to space.

The durability of Wrought Iron

Especially since they provide safety on this steep slope, it’s crucial that the handrails for this yard are built to last a lifetime.

You can rely on the strength and durability of wrought iron for high or steep places like this El Dorado Hills home.

At Vintage Iron Sacramento, we use high-quality materials and craftsmanship so you can trust that your wrought iron handrails will provide your home or yard with safety for years to come.

Powder-Coated for Protection from the Elements

These wrought iron handrails feature a black powder coating finish. Powder coating resists the elements of rain, wind, and sun, preventing the iron from corrosion.

Powder coating also wears well, minimizing nicks, and scratches from regular use.

Unlike regular paint, powder coating does not streak or drip, resulting in a clean, professional finish for your handrails. Powder coating comes in a variety of colors and can be customized to blend into the look of your yard or home.

Wrought Iron Handrails for your Home or Yard

Whether you want ornate handrails for a long, curved staircase, or just a short, simple handrail for a front porch step, Vintage Iron Sacramento can create customized wrought iron handrails for your home.

Call us to chat with one of our design experts, or take a look at our online gallery for inspiration. We have a variety of options to suit your taste, from plain bars to intricate scrollwork. We offer a variety of finishes in a rainbow of colors as well. Our estimates are always free, and we are happy to work within your budget.

If you don’t see anything in our gallery that matches the designed you have imagined, don’t worry!

We would love to customize the details of a unique wrought iron handrail, gate, or fence for your property. With years of experience and superior craftsmanship, we are confident we can meet any unique challenge you can bring us.

Call us today so we can bring your wrought iron dreams to life!