Wrought Iron Pool Gate Granite Bay

Custom Wrought Iron Pool Gate For These Granite Bay Homeowners

Custom Wrought Iron Pool Gate For These Granite Bay Homeowners

Replace your wood side gate and get a custom-designed wrought iron gate with the added security of side panels.

The keyless entry with a digital touchpad to this Granite Bay stunning home works for this elegant pool gate.

For this homeowner with several large dogs, this addition was a much-needed improvement and upgrade.

Is an old wooden gate guarding the entrance to your pool? This Granite Bay homeowner upgraded a faded, splintering wooden gate to an elegant, wrought iron gate. This was a much-needed upgrade, and the beautiful entrance now matches the stately backyard pool beyond.

First, Safety

Any California homeowner with a pool is concerned with safety first and foremost.

A sturdy, wrought iron gate keeps small children (yours and your guests’) from inadvertently falling into your pool.

Installing a strong, secure iron gate is well worth the investment. An afternoon installation can prevent a lifelong tragedy.


This Granite Bay homeowner had several large dogs that were responsible for a lot of wear and tear on their former wooden fence and gate.

A wooden gate was simply not a functional solution for this home.

The durability of a wrought iron gate was a much-needed improvement since the iron can withstand the repeated pressure of big, excited dogs.

Powder-coated iron is also much more equipped to withstand the corrosive elements like pool water, sun, and rain.


With the addition of side panels to the installation, a wrought iron gate can fit into any space, wide or narrow.

Regardless of what your pool entrance looks like, we can customize an entry gate with panels to fit your space. These panels offer additional security, ensuring the dogs stay where they should and don’t put undue pressure on the fence.

It’s all in the Details

A pool entry gate is a small element of the backyard, but just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be a focal point. This ornamental design features rich custom scrollwork.

This adds charm and beauty to the garden, creating a welcoming entrance to the backyard and pool areas.

A customized wrought iron fence is a great way to contribute subtle details and personalized touches for a cohesive look to the architectural design of your home and yard.

Keyless Touchpad Entry

These Granite Bay homeowners enjoy the convenience of a keyless digital touchpad on their pool entrance.

This innovative technology allows you to keep the gate locked for the protection of dogs and small children without worrying about forgetting a key and having to go back through the house.

No need to fumble with or track down a key, particularly one you might not use every day as a pool gate key.

This is especially convenient for pool parties and gatherings with lots of people going in and out of the backyard. Anyone with the code can come and go as they please.

If you need to grant a utility worker, landscaper, or pool maintenance person access to your yard, just give them the code; no need to duplicate a key.

You can change the code once they leave, giving you peace of mind that your yard is well protected.

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