Wrought Iron Gate Barrier for Dogs

Wrought Iron Gate Enclosures for your Yard and even your Dogs. Built Strong to last through multiple breeds of animals

A simple gate for dogs is sometimes all you need. If you are a dog lover and want to keep Fido from visiting the neighborhood, let Vintage Iron create the perfect dog proof barrier gate.  We can customize the size and height of the wrought iron barrier gate that will help keep your furry friend home and safe. We can also help decide on the best latch for the iron gate.

If you are a pet owner you understand the importance of keeping them safe. A simple barrier gate can do the trick. All of our gates and fences can be custom sized for your larger breed dogs who think they are still a puppy to the little dogs with big character.  Each design is customized to meet the homeowner’s needs.

This wrought iron barrier gate will allow you to choose exactly where on your property your dog has access to. If you have a pool area or play area for children you can restrict your pooch easily from those areas with a simple fence and barrier gate. A barrier gate is also a good idea for keeping your children and guests out of your dog’s area.

To ensure that the barrier gate provides a safe place for your furry friend you can have a locking gate or a simple magnetic lock. You can also choose to add a screen to the gate if your dog is a little overzealous when you have visitors. Just give us a call at Vintage Iron and we will help you with the perfect design.