Wrought Iron Garden Fence and Gate Design in Fair Oaks, CA

Custom Garden Fencing Project, Garden Fence Fabrication, Design and Installation in Fair Oaks, Ca

Fair Oaks has many deer and turkeys that may intrude on your garden space.  Call us for a free estimate and design for your garden fencing today. Sometimes nature’s most beautiful animals can be the most destructive. The Vintage Iron team understands how important it is to make your garden space safe from unwanted intruders and adding to the beauty of nature that’s around your home.

Once you give us a call we will work with you on designing the perfect iron fence and iron gate for your garden space. We can custom design your garden fence and gate to suit your taste and style.   We will discuss if you want to add beautiful scrolls, collars, or charming finial tips. We can build charming garden fences with whimsical gates or we can keep it straight-forward with a basic design. You can also have multiple gates and gate sizes for different entry points and use.

A basic slide bolt latch or flip style latch fits perfectly with this design for easy access to the smaller size gates. If you have a larger garden area and have double doors we can design a locking system that will suit your needs. After all the decisions are made we will send our team out and they will start the install.

Whether you are looking to enclose a large or small area we can create a garden fence and gate that will add beauty to your outside space while protecting your garden. You will delight in working with a custom built wrought iron garden fence and gate to look at while in your garden.