Wrought Iron Fencing El Dorado Hills, Ca

Wrought Iron Fence Applications for Large Parcels in El Dorado Hills, CA

Designing Wrought Iron Fence Applications for Large Parcels in El Dorado Hills, CA

Iron Fencing can be customized onsite to fit around trees and other objects. We believe the custom wrought iron fence should add to your property, not take away its natural beauty. All of our Custom wrought iron fences are totally customizable to fit our homeowner’s needs.

If you are looking to use the beauty of your property and incorporate a custom iron fence to enhance that beauty, we a Vintage Iron can work with you to design the perfect custom built wrought iron fence. Our design team can alter the height depending on if you are looking for a 3’ fence for a decorative border or an 8’ fence to keep out deer. We also do everything in between.

Custom Fence Applications for Steep Terrain

Custom Fence Applications for Steep Terrain

We can customize our fences to work around natural and manmade objects. Retaining walls, trees, or even designing on hillsides is a few objects that are no problem for your design team at Vintage Iron. El Dorado Hills is also known to have a rocky and dusty terrain. Our expert builder knows how to work around this and doing so with minimal dust or digging issues.

As we do with all of our custom designs, we work with the homeowner on the style and purpose of their custom wrought iron fence. We discuss if this will be a solid fence or if gates will be added. We also discuss height and style.  Once the area, size, powder coating style, and style of fencing have been decided our craftsmen set to work on the homeowners custom iron fence. Many things goes into the making of each of our fences and no two designs are the same. We at Vintage Iron takes pride in each of our designs and uniqueness of our designs.