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Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence Fabrication – Pool Fence, Commercial Fence and Residential Fence Designs

Vintage Iron of Sacramento wrought iron fence and fencing division specializes in custom wrought iron fences and wrought iron fencing, located in Sacramento, CA. Some of our other products include iron fence panels, walk & garden fencing, fence & gate posts, custom iron fence and iron driveway fencing. We stand apart from our competitors due to our high attention to customer service. Most local shops will sell you a railing or fence, however they will not help you figure out a material list or give installation advice. Vintage Iron of Sacramento is a little different, we want to give you the hands down lowest price, highest quality and the best customer service. Please feel free to look around our website and let us know if you have any questions about our pictures and if there is something you want that you do not see, we will be happy to sit down with you and set up a free consultation.

We service Iron Fence:

  • Wrought Iron fencing
  • Residential Iron Fence
  • Commercial Iron Fence
  • Iron Fence with Railings
  • Backyard Iron Fencing

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence Designs in Sacramento

If you are like many homeowners in the Sacramento, CA and Sacramento, CA area, you probably take a lot of price in your home. Once you have spent money and time making your home perfect, just the way you want it to be, doesn’t it make sense to protect it from strangers, stray animals, and anyone who might mess it up and destroy your hard work? If nothing else, it is wonderful to have a bit of privacy and a space where kids can run around and play without having to worry that they will run out into the street. A fence marks your area off as yours and helps you feel secure and at home.

Wrought iron fences in Sacramento, CA don’t just keep you safe and secure, though: they also add beauty and a lot of value to your home. Wrought iron fences are sophisticated, they are elegant, and they certainly are beautiful. Here are the benefits you can look forward to with a wrought iron fence from Sacramento Iron:

  • Long-lasting beauty
  • Durability
  • The highest quality in the industry
  • Jaw-dropping designs

Long-lasting beauty

Wrought iron fences last for a long time. In some areas, it is common to see homes with wrought iron fences from 100 or even 200 years ago. But they have to be protected in order to last a long time, and they have to be regularly maintained. Otherwise they will get rusty on any parts that are not protected, and eventually that rust will weaken the fence so that it needs to be repaired.

Our wrought iron fences here at Sacramento Iron are painted with a powder-finish protective coat that will protect them from rain, sun, and everything else that might cause them to rust for many years. We will also gladly come out to repair and repaint your existing wrought iron fence to keep its long-lasting beauty going strong.


Wrought iron is a strong but also relatively flexible metal – flexible, at least, compared with cast iron. The strength means that it can take quite a bit of beating before it bends or breaks, and the flexibility means that it will bend before it breaks, thus increasing its durability. Not that we recommend running your car into it or anything, but the durability of wrought iron fences from Sacramento Iron definitely helps them stand up to unfortunate accidents!

High quality

Here at Sacramento Iron, we use industry-leading, high quality materials to make our wrought iron fences. You really can see the difference! You will instantly notice the difference it makes to have a high quality iron in your wrought iron fences, and over the years you will be able to tell even more how much of a benefit it makes, as your fence will last beautifully for a very long time before you even need to get it repainted!

Jaw-dropping designs

If you are looking for a way to completely impress your family and friends, a wrought iron fence from Sacramento Iron is the way to do it! We love doing custom work, and our jaw-dropping designs will set your house apart from the whole neighborhood. Check out our photo gallery to see what we have been able to do for other delighted clients!