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Driveway Gates & Entry Gates

Driveway Gates & Entry Gates

Wrought Iron Entry Gates for Commercial & Residential Applications

Entry Gates are similar to driveway gates in the fact that they are used for entry and exit. Entry gates can also be used at schools and college locations. Commercial businesses that have warehouses almost always take advantage of an iron entry gate. Drive sensor entry gates are opened when a vehicle is in front of the gate, there are very common for large gated communities when exiting the community. Keypad entrance gates are accessed when you enter a 4-8 digit pin code on a keypad that stands outside the gate. Keypad entry gates are popular for many residential home as well as commercial businesses that require vehicles to enter and exit.

Wrought Iron Entry Driveway Gates

Your wrought iron driveway gates are going to be the first thing visitors see when they come to your Sacramento, CA or Sacramento, CA home or business. You want them to look perfect! You also need them to be easy to access, and to function in just the way you want them to. There are many different entrance options for our wrought iron courtyard gates, and you can easily pick the optin that best suits your needs. You can choose

  1. Remote entrance
  2. Keypad entrance
  3. Motion-sensor entrance
  4. Or any combination of those.

If you are looking for wrought iron driveway gates to protect your home, we recommend a remote entrance where you will have your remote controller in the car with you. You may want to combine this with a keypad entrance if you frequently have guests or if you are worried about losing your controller; this will let you enter the code or give the code to friends and let them come in the gate too. Keypad entrances and motion-sensor entrances are often the methods of choice for businesses in the Sacramento area and Sacramento, CA because they allow employees to come in and they also allow employers or owners to shut off the gate after hours and not let anyone in. Give us a call today and we will help you decide which option is perfect for you!