Vintage Iron Services – Sacramento, CA

Iron Gates, Iron Railings, Iron Fence, ADA Compliant Railings, Iron Doors

Here at Sacramento Iron, we provide a wide range of services in the area of wrought iron and custom wrought iron, for clients that range from residential homeowners to business owners to property managers. We are proud to offer beautiful and elegant wrought iron designs for all sorts of needs. Whether you are looking for iron gates, iron railings, or iron fences, we can help you get exactly what you need for your Sacramento, CA home or business. We offer custom wrought iron work on:

  • Iron gates
  • Iron railings
  • Iron fences
  • Iron doors
  • ADA compliant railings

Check out our project galleries for more details about the awesome services we offer!

Iron gates

When it comes to showing off the best side of your Sacramento, CA home, iron gates are the way to do it! Your iron gates are the first thing your guests see, and you want them to make a good impression. We have beautiful designs for driveway gates, courtyard gates, and walking gates to perfectly complement your Sacramento, CA home! Whether people see your home from the driveway gate or the walking gate, you can be sure that they will be duly impressed by the quality and artistry of the workmanship here at Sacramento Iron.

Iron railings

Here at Sacramento Iron, we offer iron railings for any use or location you need. We do staircase railings, balcony railings, patio railings, banister railings, and many more kinds of custom wrought iron railings! Iron railings are important for keeping people safe from falling, and it is therefore essential that they made to the highest safety standards. Our wrought iron features industry-leading strength and durability to protect against injury or accidents. Check out our project pages for more ideas and information about our iron railings at Sacramento Iron.

Iron fences

Fences keep your pets in and strangers out. They add beauty to your land and they let people know what area is yours. There is an old saying that “good fences make good neighbors.” We can’t make any statements about whether your neighbors will like you more with an iron fence from Sacramento Iron, but we will ask, what kind of neighbors wouldn’t like to look at a beautiful, elegant, and artistic wrought iron fence instead of a boring privacy fence? Show your Sacramento, CA property off to its best advantage and keep it safe at the same time with iron fences from Sacramento Iron!

Iron doors

Iron doors are traditionally known to be the ultimate in safety and security for your home or business. But this doesn’t mean that they have to be ugly or even industrial looking! Here at Sacramento Iron, we offer iron doors that suit your style, so that you can have security and beauty at the same time in your Sacramento, CA home or business. Check out our gallery pages for examples of projects we have done for our happy customers!

ADA compliant railings

If you are a business in Sacramento or Sacramento, CA, chances are you have to have ADA compliant railings on your stairs, your ramps, and anywhere else that people might possibly fall and hurt themselves. You can’t just trust any contractor or builder out there, because they might provide you with railings that don’t fulfill the ADA’s requirements, and then it’s just a matter of time before someone gets injured and you get sued. That’s why you have to find a wrought iron company that specializes in ADA compliant railings, like Sacramento Iron. We can give you the railings you need in the style you want, and carefully comply with all the ADA requirements so you can be sure that your customers and employees will be safe. Give us a call today!