Simple Wrought Iron Railing Design

Stunning Landscape Combined with Simple Wrought Iron Railing Design

Posted stair railing doesn’t have to be intrusive to your landscape and adds the element of security for those going up or down this stairway. This simple yet effective design adds a touch of rustic charm to the natural surroundings without blocking the view of the surrounding area.

The wrought iron railing gives a decorative look to the stairway that it adorns. The wrought iron blends naturally with the landscape as if the the wrought iron fence grew naturally along with the plants and tree. With this design, we did not want to take away from the landscape so we kept our design simple. We did a straight railing with two bends and a center pole for support. This very simple design will allow for support if needed.

The surrounding area plays a key role in all of our designs. A few things that we take into account other than the ideas we receive from the homeowner are landscaping, natures colors in the surrounding area, and the purpose of the railing.  The color and shape of the stone work also play a part in the design.

When doing a simple design such as this, we at Vintage Iron still takes safety very seriously. We only use high quality forged iron and always make sure that all of our railings are ADA compliant.  We add powder coating to ensure a long lasting, high quality, durable finish that will last the homeowner many years.