Elegant Scroll Iron Security Windows For This Downtown Sacramento Home

Elegant Scroll Iron Security Windows For This Downtown Sacramento Home

For these Sacramento tenants, security and style was their main goal.

Our team custom-fitted these window coverings in a powder-coated wrought iron accented with scrollwork for a touch of elegance, additional privacy, and long-lasting security for years to come.

Do Things Right

If you have a job to do, you need to do it right.

This business owner in Sacramento wanted wrought iron coverings to protect their windows.

For these commercial tenants, security and style were their main goals. Certainly simple, straight iron bars would do the job of adding security, but that would make their shop look rather prison-like, which would be a no-go. A setup like that would be bad for business.

To do the job right, we created these wrought iron window coverings with ornamental scrollwork to add both elegance and protection to this place of business.

Added Security

Elegant Scroll Iron Security Windows For This Downtown Sacramento Home

The strength and durability of wrought iron can provide additional security to homes, condos, yards, and businesses.

These window coverings will protect this business from loss in the form of break-ins, vandalism, or inadvertent damage.

This added protection can give you and your employees extra peace of mind during the workday.

Additional Privacy

Wrought iron window coverings provide the business owner, employees, and clients additional privacy.

This is particularly useful for medical offices, law offices, or any business that conducts meetings with sensitive client information.

While it does not obscure the view inside completely, the design of the scrollwork distracts onlookers from the happenings inside. The wrought iron window coverings also allow for the option of complete privacy with the window blinds as well; when the blinds are drawn, they create a backdrop that shows off the wrought iron scrollwork rather nicely.

Scrollwork for Personality and Style

Wrought iron window protection does not have to look austere.

Why settle for prison bars when you can have the beauty of vines, fleur-de-lis, scrolls, or other elegant designs?

At Vintage Iron Sacramento, we believe that wrought ironwork is an art you can use to showcase your individual style and personality.

This is as true for homes as it is for businesses. These window coverings add an element of beauty to an architectural feature that is usually plain and solely functional.

Powder Coated to Last

These wrought iron window coverings feature a low-maintenance powder finish.

There is no need to repaint the iron each year, which would be especially hard to do since it is attached to a window. Powder coating is long-lasting and does not drip or streak as paint does. It is also a very environmentally friendly process.

It releases no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment, and any coating that does not stick to the iron can be reused for the next project, minimizing waste.

Powder coating for wrought iron is a great choice for window coverings, as well as gates and fences.

Wrought Iron Window Coverings for Your Business

Have you considered wrought iron security windows for your home or Sacramento-based business?

Give Vintage Iron Sacramento a call for a free estimate, or take a look at our photo gallery.

We can design and install some beautiful, affordable wrought iron window coverings to both protect and embellish your home or place of business.