Wrought Iron Pool Fence Design Sacramento, CA

Clean and Modern Pool Fencing Design and Fabrication in Sacramento, CA

A custom pool fence is a great addition to any yard and since California requires a fence we might as well do it in style! All of our custom made pool fences designed at VIntage Iron are designed with safety and California law in mind. We can also help choose equipment for the pool gates that will keep the homeowner up to code with the safety locking mechanisms required. But, with safety in mind, we never forget to do it with style!

High-Quality, Durable Wrought Iron Pool Fencing

All of our custom fencings is designed with high quality, durable materials that will last for many California summers. The durable construction will keep the homeowner’s mind at ease while enjoying the pool with their friends and family.

Our designers can create the perfect fence for any home. We can do simple designs or the homeowner can choose a more elaborate design depending on the taste of the homeowner and the area the fence will be installed. The homeowner can choose to add a screen or leave the fence open depending on if some privacy is preferred.

The homeowner can also choose to leave the fencing a simple design and dress up the pool entry gate with scrolls, vines, finials, and collars. Those are the most popular gate decoration, but our designers can be as creative as the homeowner desires.

We at Vintage Iron understands the importance of safety. We also understand that the fencing will be a part of the homeowner’s property for years to come. We always use the highest quality materials and provide the gates with high-quality locking mechanisms. While providing safety in our design we also provide the homeowner with a great looking design to enjoy for many years.