Modern Wrought Iron Courtyard Gate Sacramento 

Modern Wrought Iron Courtyard Gate in Sacramento

In many suburbs, the houses and condos all look exactly the same. This charming wrought iron entry gate defines this house as a custom individual in this new Sacramento community. The beautifully wrought iron scrollwork and ornamental accents add a touch of elegance and personality to what would otherwise be just the house next door.

Built to last

The ornamental courtyard gate in this entryway is built to last. Wooden fences fade and rot, and plastic looks cheap. Wrought iron is a classic, durable material that never goes out of style. Its strength holds up to the wear and tear of banging, climbing, or scratching from pets or children. For homes with dogs, cats, or small kids, the durability of a wrought iron entry gate is definitely an investment worth making.

The durable powder coating finish protects this courtyard entry gate from the sun, wind, and rain that would cause it to corrode. Unlike paint that can create streaks or drips, powder coating results in a smooth, even finish. It comes in a rainbow of colors, so you can match your gate to the look and style of your home.

Protection and Privacy

Not only will the strength of wrought iron withstand wear and tear from children and pets, but it also helps keep them safe. Every parent fears that at some point their baby (or fur-baby) will somehow wander out the front door and into the busy street. This wrought iron entry gate provides another layer of protection for these homeowners, ensuring that even if a child or pet made it out the front door, they would stay secure and safe at home behind the latched gate. This entry gate features a classic mechanical latch, but we also offer digital keyless entry touchpads for homeowners who desire extra security.

A wrought iron entry gate also adds a layer of privacy for the homeowner. The gate creates a buffer between pesky solicitors and your front door but does not come off as uninviting to wanted guests.

A Modern Design for a Modern Home

Not every wrought iron gate has to feature the stereotypical fleur-de-lis or intricate grapevines (though we can do those too). This modern Sacramento home called for a more modern look. The scrollwork and ornamental accents for this courtyard gate are stately, but minimalist. They provide enough detail to be inviting, attractive, and interesting, but not so much that the gate looks gaudy or out of place. It also features an arched top, which nicely complements the archway behind it and helps it blend with the architecture of the house.

If your home has a modern style similar to this Sacramento home, take a look through our gallery of wrought iron gates. The beauty of wrought iron makes a striking first impression in a courtyard or entryway. We have several scrollwork patterns and accents that will complement a contemporary architectural style. Give us a call; we offer free estimates and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.