Modern Wrought Iron Railing Design

Modern Wrought Iron Railing Design in Sacramento, CA

Modern or classic, Vintage Iron can provide you with the custom iron work for any space or function as seen by this posted stair rail and radius stair railing. Our craftsmen will design the most complex or the most primitive iron railing to suit your needs and tastes.

Wrought Iron Hand Railings

A simple railing like the one pictured is just as beautiful in the right setting as any artistically designed iron railing. The smooth lines and gentle curves of this modern wrought iron railing allow for a smooth flow up and around leading to the stairway, no harsh cornered angles here. The use of potted plants and greenery adds to the soft design but also serving as the perfect scenery to showcase the modern iron railing.

Beautiful Staircase Hand Railings

Flow is an important part of any design. Our team at Vintage Iron knows this and takes in the surrounding areas to make sure the flow is always on par. The stone steps are just another element in the design of this modern wrought iron railing. The contrast in the stone steps color helps the modern iron railing stand out. The beginning of the wrought iron railing matches the flow of the curve of the first stone step and the rounded ends of the stone steps leading up. The radius railing starts where the modern iron railing ends and goes along the curve of the second stairway.

This design takes a modern wrought iron railing and incorporates the surrounding elements to show the true meaning of simple, but stylish.