Custom Wrought Iron Screen Style Fencing Enclosures

Wrought Iron Screen Enclosures for Pools and Pool Equipment in Sacramento and El Dorado Hills, Ca

Iron Screen Style Fencing Enclosures: Cover up the unwanted look of pool equipment and air conditioner units with custom screen style fencing enclosures. The addition of gates gives you easy access to the equipment. Our screened fencing enclosures are perfect for a multitude of uses.

The screened iron fence is not only great for hiding away your air conditioning unit or garbage bins, but it’s also a great design for a family with small children or pets. This design allows for total enclosure while still having limited views through the screen.The screened iron fence also makes a great border fence for your garden area. Not only can it keep small pets in, the screened iron fence will help keep animals out protecting your children, small animals, or garden area.

This homeowner went with an open-ended, simple screened iron fence. When you want to hide the less attractive parts of your home, do it with a custom designed screened iron privacy fence. We at Vintage Iron can design a fence at any height or style to give your home a clean look all the way around, while not taking away from the appearance of your home. Our custom screened iron privacy fence can be gated or open-ended for easy access. This design allows for easy access while hiding away all of the home’s equipment.

We also have a variety of locking options, if you prefer having the area totally enclosed. You can choose whether you want a simple magnetic closing lock, slide lock or even a keyless lock with a numeric keypad.