Wrought Iron Railings Folsom

Wrought Iron Railings in Folsom, CA

Wrought Iron Railings in Folsom, CA

Custom Balcony Railings, Staircase Railings and commercial ADA Iron Railings in Folsom

We have years of experience creating and installing iron railings in Folsom, CA. We can take care of your Folsom home, business or industrial location as well. Our great selection of iron railings includes everything you might need in the way of stair railings, ramp railings, or safety railings. Vintage Iron of Sacramento has designed and installed hundreds of wrought iron railing applications in Folsom, CA and we would love to help your home or commercial location. Whether you are looking for a simple hand railing design or a full security railing application, Vintage Iron of Sacramento can help. Vintage Iron is one of the largest wrought iron railing fabrication companies in Sacramento and we would love to have the option to give you a bid. Nine times out of ten, Vintage Iron will give you a better price than the competition. Our work is far superior than almost any of the other wrought iron railing companies in Folsom, CA.

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Vintage Iron has been in the wrought iron railing industry for over 30 years and we stop at nothing to see that you are completely satisfied with the end result. Whether you are looking for balcony railings in Sacramento, staircase railings in Sacramento, spiral staircase railings or ADA compliant railings, Vintage Iron of Sacramento is the company of choice.

We also specialize in other Wrought Iron Applications

When you have a wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence to match your iron railing application, your home appeal truly comes together. With Vintage Iron of Sacramento, you have the option to add an iron fence or iron gate to further enhance the beauty of your home as well as your property value.

Iron Railing Services Folsom

  • Wrought iron balcony railings
  • Wrought iron stair railings
  • Wrought iron safety railings
  • Wrought iron ADA compliant railings

The great thing about wrought iron railings is that you can enjoy exceptional safety and exquisite style at the same time. Wrought iron is an incredibly strong metal that can be shaped into graceful, elaborate styles and still keep all of its strength. That means that you can have an iron railing that is extremely strong and safe, and that also makes your Folsom, CA home or business look gorgeous. It is like a work of art that is functional too!

Wrought Iron Railings for Safty

Iron railings don’t just look beautiful. They also keep you safe. They give you something to hold onto so that you don’t fall down the stairs. That means you need to choose an iron railing that is going to be strong and sturdy. We have been the top trusted source for high quality iron railings in Folsom for many years, and we can keep you safe!

Wrought iron Railings for Style

Wrought iron is great because it can be made into such beautiful decorations without losing any of its strength or functionality. Whether you want a classic design from our photo gallery or a custom new design that is completely unique to you and your Folsom, CA home or business, we make it our business to get you iron railings that are going to be gorgeous as well as functional!

ADA compliant iron railings in Folsom, CA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that you provide a safe work environment for all your employees, regardless of their disabilities. If you need iron railings that comply with the ADA and will keep all your employees and customers safe, we can do that for you! The ADA has certain requirements about how many inches from the wall a railing can be, how it has to be installed, and other similar details. Let us take care of your ADA compliant railings needs in Folsom, CA so you can focus on what you do best: running your business!

Wrought Iron Balcony Railings in Folsom, CA – Finished Product

Wrought Iron Railings in Folsom, CA

Wrought Iron Railings in Folsom, CA