Wrought Iron Gates Fairfield

Wrought Iron Gates Fairfield CA

Wrought Iron Gates Fairfield CA

Custom Ornamental Wrought Iron Driveway Gates and Pedestrian Gates in Fairfield, CA

If you are like many other homeowners and business owners in the Fairfield, CA area, you take your home security and business security very seriously. So do we! That is why we offer the best iron gates in Fairfield, CA. We want you to be able to be confident with your security, and we also know it is important that you have a gate that has amazing style and design as well. Whether you are looking for commercial security gate or an ornamental pedestrian gate, Vintage Iron of Sacramento has you covered. Vintage Iron can design, fabricate and install any design of wrought iron gate you can image. From ornamental to modern and sleek to edgy. Whatever design you are looking for, we can do it.

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We have designed hundreds of wrought iron gate projects here in Fairfield and we would love to help you as well. If you are looking for security, we can customize your wrought iron gate with remote access options, keypad entry options, wireless sensor options and much more. Our security gate team at Vintage Iron is second to none when it comes to the design and installation of security gates. If you have an design in mind that you are looking for, we can design it. If you are looking for something ornamental but just put it into words, we can help you figure out something that will blow you away. Our team of iron gate designers can create the most breath taking design you have ever seen.

Additions to Wrought Iron Gates In Fairfield

We also specialize in wrought iron railings and wrought iron fence designs in Fairfield. If you have wanted an addition to your wrought iron gate, Vintage Iron of Sacramento can customize your look with a gate or railing addition.

Wide Variety of Iron Gates in Fairfield, CA

Some of our great products include:

  • Security iron gates
  • Driveway iron gates
  • Swinging iron gates
  • Sliding iron gates
  • Remote access iron gates
  • Keypad access iron gates
  • Wrought iron repair
  • And more!

Wrought Iron Gates for Security & Beauty in Fairfield, CA

Whether you are looking to keep your home or business safe, or just finish off a beautiful fence with an even more beautiful gate, we have what you are looking for! Iron gates keep unwanted visitors and animals away while making your property look elegant and lovely.

Depending on your setup and the way your driveway and fence are built, you may find that a swinging driveway gate or a sliding driveway gate are best. With a swinging gate, you need more room on the driveway itself for the gate to swing, while a sliding gate requires more room on either side of the gate. If you give us a call, we will help you figure out which gate option is best for you. It is our business to make sure you have an iron gate that fits all your needs and works exactly the way you need it to!

If you need wrought iron repair in Fairfield, we can help you with that as well! Let us take care of all your wrought iron, old and new, and enjoy having your Fairfield, CA property look fantastic!

Wrought Iron Pedestrian Gate in Fairfield – Finished Product

Wrought Iron Gates Fairfield CA

Wrought Iron Gates Fairfield CA