Wrought Iron Fence El Dorado Hills, CA

Custom Wrought Iron Fence Design El Dorado Hills, CA

Difficult spaces and grades are no problem for the expert installation staff at Vintage Iron as seen by this pool fence in Serrano. We can design around any man-made or natural object. The El Dorado Hills area is notorious for its rocky and dusty terrain, and that never proves to be a problem for our installers. Our expert staff knows exactly how to handle any obstacles that might arise during the installation while keeping dust at a minimum.

What a homeowner might see as a difficult area, we at Vintage Iron see an opportunity to design a custom wrought iron fence that will add to the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Our designers will create a beautiful, long-lasting design that not only enhances the homes curb appeal, but will also provide security for the homeowner.

Our custom wrought iron fences can vary in design depending on what the homeowner might be looking for. We can design a classic wrought iron fence like the one picture or if the homeowner chooses we can design an ornamental wrought iron fence.   The gate and locking mechanism also is can be custom designed to meet the homeowners need. We can also add a screen to the iron fence for extra privacy.

Whatever the homeowners needs, we at Vintage Iron can custom design a wrought iron fence that will let the homeowner enjoy their yard with a sense of security. The powder coated wrought iron fence will prove to be an everlasting, permanent fixture that the homeowner will enjoy for years to come.