Wrought Iron Fence Elk Grove

Wrought Iron Fence Elk Grove

Wrought Iron Fence Elk Grove

Commercial and Residential Wrought Iron Fence Installation in Elk Grove

If you are looking for great quality and service in iron fences in Elk Grove, CA, you have come to the right place!

We specialize in custom wrought iron fence designs for your Elk Grove home or business. Whether you need beautiful, designer custom wrought iron fence designs and installations for your Elk Grove home, Vintage Iron Sacramento is the company of choice. Vintage Iron of Sacramento also specializes in industrial iron security fence as well as keypad entry security fence designs for your commercial locations. Vintage Iron of Sacramento has the quality you are looking for at a price you can afford! When you are looking for a company to design, install and fabricate a custom wrought iron fence for your home or business in Elk Grove, there is only one Vintage Iron of Sacramento. We have installed hundreds of commercial, industrial and residential wrought iron fence projects in Elk Grove and have the reputation to prove it.

Additional Applications for Wrought Iron Fence Installations

We specialize in every aspect of wrought iron including wrought iron railings and custom wrought iron gate designs. If you are looking to have a custom wrought iron gate or railing installed for your home or business in Elk Grove, we can take care of you.

Why an Iron Fence for Security?

Wrought Iron Fence fabrications have been the security fence of choice for many years now. Iron fences and wrought iron fences are strong and can keep your property secure. Iron fences are a favorite for many homeowners and business owners in the Elk Grove, CA area for several reasons. They are beautiful and add to the elegant appearance of the house. They are strong and do not need much maintenance. And, of course, they can keep out unwanted people and animals so your property stays secure. Keeping your property and family is safe and what better way to do so then with a custom wrought iron fence from Vintage Iron of Sacramento. We server the greater Elk Grove area including Laguna and beyond.

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is a very old craft that makes an extremely useful and high quality material. Compared with cast iron, wrought iron is a lot stronger and more flexible. That means that if there is pressure put on it, it will bend instead of break. This is very important for fences, because you do not want the tips or bars of your fence breaking off because they are too brittle.

What wrought iron fences do you offer?

We offer all sorts of iron fence products and iron fence services in the Elk Grove, CA area.Our iron fence service includes different other services such as:

  • Wrought iron gate
  • Custom iron balcony railing
  • Iron stair railing
  • Wrought iron driveway gates
  • Custom wrought iron courtyard gates
  • And much more!

Whether you are looking for one of a kind, decorative iron fences and iron gates, or a more utilitarian product for a business or a higher-security area, we have the wrought iron service you need! Check out our gallery for projects we have completed for other delighted customers!

Here is the above Iron Fence with a Custom Iron Gate Installation

Wrought Iron Fence with Iron Gate - Elk Grove

Wrought Iron Fence with Iron Gate – Elk Grove