Balcony Railing Design & Install in Fair Oaks, CA

Custom Wrought Iron Balcony Railing Design & Install in Fair Oaks, CA

Small spaces can make a wonderful addition to grace your entry with just a touch of a custom iron railing. This Fair Oaks home becomes a castle with a little help from our designers. Our team at Vintage Iron wanted to create a balcony that Romeo and Juliet would have been jealous of.

The designers went with a 3-rail wrought iron railing design For this custom balcony in Fair Oaks. Their design fits perfectly with the look of the home. With lush greenery below the balcony, our designers carried that into their design with vines adorning the top rails. The scroll work along the edge of the custom wrought iron balcony railing fits perfectly with the arch of the balcony door and the entryway below the balcony. The balusters have a straight top with a gentle curve at the bottom much like a flower vase, making this the perfect balcony to view the garden area below.

Keeping safety and stability in mind, our craftsmen design the iron balcony railing so that it will be securely anchored to the balcony and home. Wrought iron will last for many years and will remain durable in many conditions, even when exposed to weather.

Whether you are are enjoying the view from this cute balcony or entering the home, this custom wrought iron balcony railing will have you feeling like you are king of the castle. With every detail perfectly planned, this custom wrought iron balcony railing will definitely be the focal point of t this Fair Oaks home for decades to come.