Interior Wrought Iron Staircase Railings Sacramento

Wrought Iron Railing Design and Installation in Greater Sacramento, CA

When remodeling your home the stairway railing is not always to first place we think to spend money even though it’s usually the first element within the home that people see when they first walk through the door. This interior remodel shines with the center focus being on this custom stairway railing. The homeowner knew exactly where to add style and elegance to their home.

At Vintage Iron we didn’t just want to make an interior iron railing, we wanted to design a permanent work of art for this home in Greater Sacramento. As each home is different, so are our designs. Our craftsmen went to work and designed this beautiful wrought iron railing. The scroll work on this 2-rail iron railing gives this entryway the look of elegance and style.

Custom Scroll Work on this Beautiful Wrought Iron Railing

Once the scroll work was completed and our fabricators had all of the pieces welded together, this beauty was powder coated for the final look.  Powder coating creates a hard finish that will protect the iron fand will give the iron railing a high-quality finish that will leave it durable and looking good for many decades to come.

Powder coating is the process of coating metal in electrostatically charged powder particles then curing in an oven to cure. Once this process is complete you’ll have a beautiful powder coated wrought iron railing that will last a lifetime.

With the scrolls done,  the wrought iron railing welded, and powder coated finish applied, all that is left is the install. This wrought iron railing was securely mounted to the steps and wall for this wonderful remodel.