High-Quality Powder Coating Options Available

Custom Ornamental Additions

Custom Powder Coating for Gates, Railings, Fence Applications and all Ornamental Wrought Iron

Another pick up from the powder coater. Only the highest quality of sandblasting and powder coating is what you will receive from your ironwork from Vintage iron. All of our products are powder coated for the most durable finish you can receive on your metal pieces that will last a lifetime.

Powder coating is basically painting with powder and requires no liquids as binders. Using no liquids allows the layers to be thicker and more durable.  The thicker the powder is applied the less likely runs or streaks will appear giving the iron a smooth finish. Some designs may want to use a thinner coating to allow for a rougher look.  This will be determined by the designer and the use of your iron project.

The powder is applied electrostatically and once coated the iron will be placed in an oven to cure.  The curing process is much faster than the conventional dry time for liquid-based products. Powder coating is available in many colors and textures and provides a durable high-quality finish that can last a lifetime.

Powder coating is much more environmentally and user-friendly. Minimal to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is released during use. This requires no safety equipment for the person doing the powder coating.  Any excess overspray, that’s the powder that does not “stick”, can be recycled and used on the current project or saved for the next project. If you are using multiple colors collecting and recycling the overspray may not be an option.

We can Powder Coat any Wrought Iron Project