Hand Railings Sacramento

Wrought Iron Hand Railings

Wrought Iron Hand Railings

Ornamental and Commercial Wrought Iron Hand Railings in Sacramento

Hand Railings can come in many different shapes and sizes. Our Wrought Iron Railing designs are all done and designed “in-house” at our Sacramento location. Hand railings can be used for many different things. You see hand railings everywhere you go. Think about it… Walking up to the store, walking up and down stairs, surrounding a porch, entering a residential home, and always in commercial buildings and business locations.

Hand railings provide a safe solution for entering and exiting any entry or exit. Our Hand Railing designs in Sacramento can be designed in an ornamental, simple or an intricate design. If you are thinking about installing hand railings in Sacramento, CA then give Vintage Iron a call today!

Iron Staircase Hand Railings

Here at Sacramento Iron, we offer iron railings for any use or location you need. We do staircase railings, balcony railings, patio railings, banister railings, and many more kinds of custom wrought iron railings! Iron railings are important for keeping people safe from falling, and it is therefore essential that they made to the highest safety standards. Our wrought iron features industry-leading strength and durability to protect against injury or accidents. Check out our project pages for more ideas and information about our iron railings at Sacramento Iron.

ADA Compliant Hand Railings

If you are a business in Sacramento or Sacramento, CA, chances are you have to have ADA compliant railings on your stairs, your ramps, and anywhere else that people might possibly fall and hurt themselves. You can’t just trust any contractor or builder out there, because they might provide you with railings that don’t fulfill the ADA’s requirements, and then it’s just a matter of time before someone gets injured and you get sued. That’s why you have to find a wrought iron company that specializes in ADA compliant railings, like Sacramento Iron. We can give you the railings you need in the style you want, and carefully comply with all the ADA requirements so you can be sure that your customers and employees will be safe. Give us a call today!