Grapevine Courtyard Gate Design Folsom, CA

Garden Style Grapevine Courtyard Gate Design Folsom, CA

A grapevine courtyard gate makes a lasting and organic impression on this Folsom patio.  California is known for its wine, so why not have a little of that spill over into our courtyard gate design.

Custom grapevine iron gate

This grapevine iron gate is a perfect example of “good things come in small packages.” The designers at Vintage Iron added a lot of detail to this courtyard gate to give it a welcoming appearance that adds to the natural feel of the surrounding courtyard area. Much of the grapevine courtyard gate design carries over to the matching courtyard fence as well giving this courtyard a vineyard feel.

The grapevine design proves to be a timeless classic design

This custom 3 rail courtyard iron gate also shows off the collars that add a touch of dimension.  With a variety of locks to choose from our homeowner went with a simple turn style knob. This simple feature adds to the welcoming look that the grapevine courtyard gate conveys.

Different Powdercoating Options for Courtyard Gates

With custom designs in mind, we have a variety of options for the homeowner to choose from. We have different locking styles depending on the homeowner’s preference.  Powder coating style is another option along with size and shape of the fence. Just like the grapevine, we can design a gate that blends perfectly with the home and surrounding area.

A perfectly designed grapevine gate shouldn’t have to stand alone. We designed a simple, but elegant fence that carries over most if the courtyard grapevine iron gate design. We wanted the gate to be the main attraction with the grapevine design and let the fence be the perfect partnership to create a balanced look.