Front Yard Iron Fencing

Front Yard Iron Fencing

We offer home security solutions with custom wrought iron

Home owners have a conundrum. It seems impossible to have your front yard be secure and inviting at the same time. Back yards are all very well and good, because you can install a wooden security fence and not seem unfriendly. But it is generally expected that the front of your house should be more open, so that people can actually see your home from the street. If you put a security fence all the way around the front yard too, you will quickly gain a reputation for being unfriendly and your neighbors won’t like you. But if you only fence your back yard, you lose a good half of your usable outdoor space.

The traditional picket fence of the mythological American Dream is a theoretical way to fence your front yard without falling afoul of your Homeowners Association, but a picket fence won’t keep in any dog that is bigger than a dachshund.

The solution to this conundrum is simple: front yard iron fencing from Vintage Iron. It has the open, attractive look of a white picket fence, but it has even greater strength and security than a wooden privacy fence. If you want to be able to use your front yard as anything more than an ornamental space – for example, if you want your pets or children to be able to play in it without fearing that they will run out into the street – front yard iron fencing is what you need!

Custom Wrought Iron Fences from Vintage Iron

We do custom wright iron work, here at Vintage Iron. Your front yard fence is going to be the first thing that most people see when they look at your house. With our high quality wrought iron fencing, you will give a wonderful first impression to anyone who walks or drives by. Custom wrought iron fencing increases the curb appeal of your home and even increases your home’s value.

Here at Vintage Iron, we love doing custom designs. We create many one of a kind fences, railings, and gates for customers who have a special design already in mind. If you need a little bit of help coming up with a design, you can check out our gallery and use those designs as a springboard for your creativity. Or you can simply choose one of our many pre made designs for your front yard fence. Whatever style of architecture or décor you have at your home, we can provide you with a custom front yard iron fence that will match it perfectly!

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