Sun City Home Wrought Iron Entry Gate in Roseville

Sun City Home Wrought Iron Entry Gate in Roseville

Small space? No problem!

Whether you own a single-family house or a condo, a decorative wrought iron gate is a small, simple way to make a big impact on the curb appeal of your home.

This Sun City modern-style home in the heart of Roseville was upgraded with a grand entry gate. The striking beauty of the wrought iron scrollwork overpowers any notion that the entryway might be narrow.

Attention to Detail

This powder-coated wrought iron gate was custom-designed with decorative embellishments for a touch of elegance for these very pleased Sun City homeowners.

Powder coating is the process of electrostatically charging powder particles so they stick to the iron, then curing the iron in an oven. Powder coating is more environmentally friendly than paint, and it avoids unsightly streaks or drips that can result from paint.

The arched gate and ornamental floral scrollwork enhance the beauty of the home. At Vintage Iron, we offer a variety of decorative accents, from simple caps to ornate scrolls and vines. Express the style and personality of your home with the details of your wrought iron design.

Extra Security with a Gate

This entry gate is equipped with a keyed latch, which provides an extra layer of security for these Roseville homeowners. A keyed latch gate also provides other perks, which may not be evident at first glance.

For instance, a wrought iron gate is an extra buffer between your family and the busy streets beyond.

This can be especially important for families with small children. A toddler may be able to turn a front door handle, but she is unlikely to get past a locked wrought iron entry gate. The same is true for families with pets as well, particularly those that might be intimidating to guests or protective of their owners.

By giving just a little more breathing room between the sidewalk and the front door, an entry gate protects your guests, as well as your family members (furry ones included).

Outstanding Quality and Service

At Vintage Iron Sacramento, we stand by the quality of our work and materials.

We produce some of the finest wrought ironwork in the Sacramento Area, and we know you will be pleased with a wrought iron gate customized just for your home.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. The owner of this Sun City home wrote to us to say:

“We are beyond pleased with our gate. You and your team truly exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much! We will come up with a nice overview of the project for the Sun City project “reference” binders. These books are maintained by Sun City for the Sun City residents’ review when they are looking for contractors for similar jobs.”

Gaining referrals from past customers is the highest praise we can get as a company, and we are honored to earn the trust of our clients. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Whether your entry is large or small, we would be happy to create a customized wrought iron gate for your home.