Double Balcony Iron Railing Install

Double Balcony Iron Railing Install

Balcony Railings and Hand Railing Installation for home in Roseville, CA

A balcony railing serves two purposes. It keeps you and your family safe, and it makes your home look beautiful. In many homes, however, people only focus on the first purpose. There is a common misconception that beautiful balcony railings are not strong or safe, and that safe balcony railings are not beautiful. At Vintage Iron, we are here to do away with that false belief.

The idea that safe balcony railings have to look boring comes from the materials that are used to make those railings. Sure, solid concrete balcony walls are going to be solid and safe. But they are not very attractive. If you use a weaker material, such as wood, you will have to make your railings more solid to be able to counteract the natural softness and brittleness of the building material. You aren’t going to be able to have slender lines or ornate carvings – at least, not if you want the railing to stand the test of time and keep you and your loved ones safe when they are up on the balcony.

Wrought iron is the ideal solution to this conundrum. With wrought iron balcony railings, you get a super strong material that can be shaped into elegant lines and designs. Your balcony railing can be a work of art, and can also keep pets and children safe from falling over the edge.

Double Balcony Iron Railing Install from Vintage Iron

Double balconies can be even trickier than single balconies, because it is essential that both railings match perfectly, and also because the installation has to happen at greater heights. The stakes are also higher, the higher the balcony is – it becomes exponentially more important to prevent falls the higher the balcony in question is. You don’t just need experts to build your custom railings for you; you also need an expert installation.

We provide that expert installation here at Vintage Iron. We are professionals who know the ins and outs of every aspect of our trade, from creating the designs for the wrought iron products we make to installing your railings to meet every safety requirement. Let Vintage Iron take care of your double balcony iron railing installation, and you will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that your balcony is perfectly safe.

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