Custom Wrought Iron Fabrication (Commercial Enclosure)

Commercial Wrought Iron Enclosure Design Sacramento, CA

If you are looking for a custom Garbage Enclosure with Overhead trellis like we designed for Mels Dinner, give us a call and let our expert designers create the enclosure that fits your needs.  Vintage Iron has the expert staff you need for your residential or commercial project. Whether you are looking for an enclosure for your pool or your garbage bins, we have you covered.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Designs for Commercial Enclosure

Our craftsmen here at Vintage Iron went with a trellis design and solid doors to create a stylish design for the garbage enclosure. The trellis gives the garbage bin enclosure a cool looking wrought iron roof structure without fully enclosing the garbage bins in an outbuilding style design. This allows for air to move freely and the raised gate allows for easy cleaning.  The trellis roof will also protect the bins from the weather or the occasional pest.

The solid bi-fold doors grant easy access to the garbage bins and provide the perfect way to hide unsightly bins. Our design also allows for a lock mechanism to prevent unwanted dumping or you can always go with a simple bolt latch for quick access.

If your garbage bins are not a problem, this design works well for many other things. You can enclose a pool, hot tub, patio area, or even use this design as an enclosed parking area. All of our custom iron fabrications can be modified to suit your needs.  We can also fit our design with a locking mechanism that will provide security and ease.

Don’t let the modern design of this iron fabrication fool you it was built with strength and lasting craftsmanship in mind. This custom iron enclosure will be able to stand up to whatever is thrown at it, garbage included!