Courtyard Security Gate Design & Installation in Elk Grove, CA

Wrought Iron Courtyard Security Gate Design & Installation in Elk Grove, CA

A Beautiful addition to this Elk Grove home provides a secure and custom look for this courtyard entry.  The use of a screen in this more decorative application provides ample choices for locking hardware. The screen also allows for shade and some privacy. The additional window style security fence also helps to extend the security and privacy, while adding charm and beauty.

The security gate design really shows off the high arched doorway by extending the scroll work nearly to the top of the arch. The scroll work is continued to the bottom of the door. The optional screen allows for filtered sunlight and some privacy. This beautiful look is extended to the privacy window style security fence beside of the door.

The security gate though decorative is more for safety. Built with the highest quality materials and powder coated for durability, none can match the strength and beauty we at Vintage Iron can offer. The security gate is equipped with a keyed lock. We have a variety of door locking systems no matter the level of security the homeowner is trying to achieve. We can do simple magnetic locks, keyed locks like the one above, or a keypad entry to allow multiple people access such as for maintenance.

The powder coated wrought iron will have lasting beauty with minimal upkeep. The custom design of the security gate and security fence will keep the homeowner feeling safe without the homeowner feeling closed off from the rest of the property. This will provide the homeowner years of safety while having a beautiful stylish entry gate.