Courtyard Gates with Lock and Latch

Simple Courtyard Entry Gate Design (Foothills of Sacramento)

Courtyard Entry Gate Design and Install in Sacramento, CA (Courtyard Gates with Lock and Latch)

Simple beauty with custom color graces this courtyard entry.  A high arch with decorative collars gives this entry gate delicate balance and grace that makes this courtyard entryway inviting. This was a straightforward design that Incorporated the tile and natural look of the home to create the ideal courtyard entry gate.

Courtyard Gate With Powder-Coated Finish

This simple but dignified gate gives this courtyard the touch of style that it deserves. The homeowner opted for an iron courtyard entry gate with a high arched top and collars for accent.  Topped off with custom powder coating coloring to blend brilliantly with the tiles and home, this gate is truly anything but simple.

Custom-Designed Wrought Iron Gates

All of our gates at Vintage Iron can be customized to meet the needs of the homeowner.  We can design short or tall gates, narrow or wide, double doors, or single doors with side panels. We can also add a screen for more privacy. Depending on what style you are looking for we can create a simple but elegant gate or we can design a more ornate gate with scrolls, vines, collars, or top the gate with finials.  We can also incorporate wood into our gates to give the entryway a more rustic modern look.

Upgraded Features For Security & Privacy

Different locking mechanisms are also available. We can go simple with a magnetic lock, keyed entry, or an entry with a keypad. The locking device depends on the homeowner’s needs. But the design is all about the homeowners wants.