Courtyard Gate in Downtown Sacramento

Wrought Iron Entryway Gate in Downtown Sacramento: Added Security; fully Customizable to your specifications

Wrought Iron Courtyard Gate in Downtown Sacramento

This wrought iron courtyard entry gate achieves both security and elegance for this Downtown Sacramento property.

The unique style and timeless design stay true to the era of this Victorian home. The double wrought iron courtyard entry gate dresses up what would otherwise be an unsightly alley, and instead makes it a stylistic element of the landscape.

The privacy panel of the fencing masks the concrete walkway behind, bringing out the beauty and design of the artistic elements of the courtyard entry gate.

A World Apart

If your home is on a busy Sacramento street like this one, even small design elements can distinguish your home from those around it and visually separate it from the bustle of the city.

The privacy screen of this double courtyard entry gate does exactly that.

It masks the backyard from the view of passersby-ers of wrought iron sets the home apart from its surroundings.

And while the barrier gives the owner some privacy, the ornamental details make the gate and the space beautiful and inviting nonetheless.

Added Security

Not only does the wrought iron side-yard entry gate add an accent of style, but it also adds to the security of this Sacramento homeowner’s property. It hosts a secure coded, keyless locking system.

A keypad enables you to get in and out anytime without the need to fumble with a key. This means no more losing or searching for keys. Your housesitter or landscaper can have access to the yard, even if you cannot be there to open the gate.

There is added peace of mind that if you change your landscaper or housesitter, you can simply change the code; no need to worry if the previous person duplicated the key.

Wrought Iron Gates for Any Setup

Sometimes a unique challenge requires a unique degree of creativity.

Beautifying this split-level alleyway with an iron gate was no easy task; each walkway is a different height and width, and one side has a raised curb. Also, the gate on the left had to be short enough to clear the bow window above it.

With a little out-of-the-box thinking, we installed a double-entry gate that both beautified the space, and made both sides of the alleyway secure.

By adding an additional side door entry, we ensured that both homeowners have a personal access point to the backyard. And as they say, good fences make good neighbors.

Customized to Your Specifications

Dreaming of having a wrought iron gate or railing installed, but fear it’s impossible with your home’s unique setup? Then, give Vintage Iron Sacramento a call.

Our estimates are always free, and our craftsmen do some of the finest wrought ironwork in the Sacramento area.

Whether you are looking for intricate scrollwork for a luxury home or an ADA-compliant commercial railing for your business, Vintage Iron Sacramento can customize a design just for you.

Check out our gallery for inspiration, or chat with our design specialists about an elegant, secure side door entry gate for your property.