Courtyard Entry Gate Roseville

Custom Built Courtyard Entry Gate For This Elegant Roseville Home

Custom Built Courtyard Entry Gate For This Elegant Roseville Home

Charming Scrollwork

This gorgeous wrought iron courtyard entry gate adds spunk and charm to the entryway of this West Roseville home.

The whimsical wrought iron scrollwork dresses up the small space, creating a welcoming first impression for guests.

The swirls and curls create a unique arched top, adding a spark of personality and create an organic contrast to the chiseled stone pillars.

The stone pillars make the entryway narrow, but the negative space created by wrought iron bars open up the entryway. This creates the impression that the outdoor space is bigger and more open.

Long-Lasting Durability

The charming courtyard gate in this entryway is durable enough to withstand time and the elements.

Trends in style and architecture come and go, but wrought iron has been used in homes and landscaping for centuries and remains a classic building material.

Known for its strength and durability, wrought iron is built to hold up against wind, sun, rain, children, and pets.

Entry Gates for Security and Privacy

A wrought iron entry gate affords the homeowners extra protection for their children and pets.

This West Roseville homeowner chose to install a solid plate at the bottom of the gate, ensuring that even small pets cannot squeeze through the bars and end up in the street beyond. This tiny detail results in enormous peace of mind.

The gate features a traditional keyed-latch entry, providing additional security for the home.

For homeowners desiring even more protection, we also offer a keyless digital touchpad entry as an option for our entry gates.

One unexpected perk of entry gates is that they offer extra privacy for the residents.

The gate puts a buffer between the homeowner and door-to-door salespeople or other unwanted guests (without being off-putting). The scrollwork of wrought iron gates is much more attractive than a “no solicitors” sign.

A Touch of Class

Your wrought iron entry gate can be as unique as you are.

Our online gallery is filled with photos of happy customers’ homes, each displaying their individual style through their choice of scrollwork, accents, and finishes for their wrought ironwork.

From intricate grapevines to stately geometric shapes, you can choose a look that blends with the style of your home and yard.

Or perhaps you have something totally unique in mind?

We can create that too!

At Vintage Iron Sacramento, we can customize a fence or gate to complement your home’s unique design and landscape. We invite you to sit down with one of our design experts to dream up a customized gate or fence for your courtyard, garden, pool deck, or entryway.

Small Gate, Big Curb Appeal

A wrought iron gate is a small detail that can make a big visual impact on your yard or home.

Even a small and simple wrought iron entry gate can become a beautiful focal point for your landscape.

Whether your outdoor space is big or small, wide or narrow, our expert design team and craftsmen will bring your dreams for your home or yard to life! Get a FREE quote today!