Charming Iron Fencing & Walk Gate Sacramento

Charming Iron Fencing & Walk Gate Sacramento

Charming Iron Fencing & Walk Gate Project For This Beautiful East Sacramento Home

This East Sacramento charmer’s landscape project features a beautiful custom-made iron fence and wrought iron entryway/walk gate.

A grand entry that frames a lovely front yard and picture-perfect traditional home while keeping your lawn free from dogs passing by day after day.

A Striking Grand Entry

This charming wrought iron fence and walk gate is the icing on the cake for this beautiful East Sacramento home.

The combination of brick and wrought iron makes for a striking first impression on guests and neighbors. The custom-made grand entry frames the lovely front yard and creates a picture-perfect scene for this elegant suburban home.

The wrought iron gives the whole property a distinctive look, setting it apart from the neighboring homes.

Stylish Elements

The decorative caps of the wrought iron fence add an element of style and beauty.

These accents transform the fence from just a boundary marker or barrier into a prime artistic feature of the yard. The ornamental accents of the fence match the upscale look of the fountain, hedges, arches and its other stylish elements.

The wrought iron fence and walk gate transform what would be just a modest home into an upscale estate.

Powder Coating Finish

This wrought iron fence and walk gate feature a powder coat finish.

Alternatively, rather than using paint, the iron elements are sprayed with a fine plastic powder, then baked in a special oven to adhere the powder to the iron. This process results in a strong, stylish finish that is more resistant to wear and corrosion than a typical paint job.

Also, powder coating does not release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. Powder coating ensures your investment in a wrought iron fence for your yard and home will continue to last and pay dividends for years to come.

A Fence to Preserve and Protect

Clearly this homeowner has carefully designed and maintained a beautiful yard.

In addition to framing it beautifully, the wrought iron gate helps preserve and protect it. The short, decorative fence ensures that the lawn and shrubs are pristine, protected from trampling by careless neighbors.

The fence also deters local dogs from digging up the manicured grass—or worse.

But because the fence is short and made of wrought iron bars, passersby can still see and admire the beauty of the landscape that this homeowner took such time and care to create.

Customized for your Yard

Are you interested in a wrought iron fence or walk gate to accent your yard, or maybe just to keep out roaming neighborhood dogs? Or both?

Give Vintage Iron a call.

We offer small- and large-scale iron fences for both commercial and residential settings. The fence can be as basic or ornate as you desire, and we have a variety of different sizes, styles, and latches for the gates we offer.

Take a look at our gallery for inspiration from our previous installs or contact us for a free, custom quote.

Whether you are looking for a tall security fence with a keypad locking system or a small, ornamental fence for an elegant yard like in this East Sacramento home, we can design a durable, beautiful wrought iron fence and gate to meet the needs of your property.