Interior Wrought Iron Staircase Railings Sacramento

Interior Wrought Iron Staircase Railings Sacramento

Wrought Iron Railing Design and Installation in Greater Sacramento, CA
When remodeling your home the stairway railing is not always to first place we think to spend money even though it’s usually the first element within the home that people see when they first walk through the door. This interior remodel […]

Modern Iron Railings Sacramento

Modern Wrought Iron Railing Design

Modern Wrought Iron Railing Design in Sacramento, CA
Modern or classic, Vintage Iron can provide you with the custom iron work for any space or function as seen by this posted stair rail and radius stair railing. Our craftsmen will design the most complex or the most primitive iron railing to suit […]

El Dorado Hills Iron Railing Installation

El Dorado County Wrought Iron Hand Railing Fabrication

El Dorado Hills (El Dorado County) Wrought Iron Railing Installation
Safety and beauty at this El Dorado Hills playground patio. An Elegant entry to the backyard and pool area make this otherwise standard fence turn into a welcome charmer. Adding a little flare to the entrance is always a […]

Simple Wrought Iron Railing Design

Simple Wrought Iron Railing Design

Stunning Landscape Combined with Simple Wrought Iron Railing Design
Posted stair railing doesn’t have to be intrusive to your landscape and adds the element of security for those going up or down this stairway. This simple yet effective design adds a touch of rustic charm to the natural surroundings without blocking the […]

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Curved Fence and Railing Design

Curved Fence and Railing Design Sacramento, CA

Curved Fencing & Fence Designs in Sacramento, CA
Curved fencing and iron hand railings are a specialty of Vintage Iron.  If you are looking for a unique fence to keep the shape of the area that it will be a part of without damaging the landscape, then we at Vintage […]

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Custom Wrought Iron Bridge

Custom Wrought Iron Bridge Design and Installation

Custom Wrought Iron Bridge Fabrication, Pilot Hills, CA
This already lovely covered bridge in Pilot Hill is enhanced with our custom iron railings.  The rustic charm of a wooden bridge is only made more beautiful with the addition of a custom wrought iron railing. I can see this bridge being […]

Front Yard Iron Fencing

Front Yard Iron Fencing

We offer home security solutions with custom wrought iron

Home owners have a conundrum. It seems impossible to have your front yard be secure and inviting at the same time. Back yards are all very well and good, because you can install a wooden security fence and not seem unfriendly. But it is […]

Interior Iron Hand Railings in Folsom, CA

Interior Iron Hand Railings in Folsom, CA

What kind of railing helps keep you from falling down the stairs? If you are like many homeowners in Folsom, CA, the answer is probably wood, or perhaps a simple iron railing attached to the wall. But interior iron hand railings are a great way to stay safe and […]

Side Yard Railing Addition

Side Yard Railing Addition Sacramento

A side yard railing can be a lifesaver when it comes to separating out your yard space from your paved porch space and keeping people from trampling all over your flower beds. Naturally, you want an open and attractive look for your Sacramento, CA home. But you also want to be […]

Front Yard Wrought Iron Hand Railings

Wrought Iron Hand Railings for Front Yard

Are you looking for a way to increase the beauty and usability of your yard or grounds in Sacramento, CA? Wrought iron hand railings may be just the solution for you!

Wrought iron hand railings give beauty to your land while encouraging people to stay on the paths so that […]