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ADA Iron Railings

We specialize in all aspects of Wrought Iron Railings in Sacramento, CA

ADA Compliant Railings will fall into every category. We design ADA Balcony Railings in Sacramento, ADA Staircase Railings in Sacramento and ADA Hand Railings in Sacramento. Our ADA Handrail and Balcony Railings are manufactured from high quality forged wrought iron steel or high strength aluminum. Our company will meet all ADA compliant and accessibility standards in your commercial building in Sacramento. If you have a store front in Sacramento, CA and you are looking for ADA railings we will be more than happy to come out and bid the job accordingly or send us the measurements of the job and we can send you an estimate as well.

ADA Compliant Railings in Sacramento

Stair railings, ramp railings, and banister railings are extremely important for safety, but they are not all created equal. ADA railings are designed to live up to certain specific standards to ensure that they keep everyone safe and that they do not have major flaws in their design or installation. There are many reasons one might need ADA compliant railings in Sacramento, CA or Sacramento, CA: businesses have to be able to accommodate disabled employees and customers, and even some homes may need to be able to be ADA compliant.

What is ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a law that protects disabled persons from being discriminated against on account of their disability. It requires that employers accommodate disabilities within reason, as long as the person can do the job with or without reasonable accommodation and as long as the needs of the disabled person would not put “undue burden” on the business. When it comes to installing ADA compliant railings, it’s much better just to be on the right side of the law in the first place than to have to change your railings later because you did not get ADA compliant railings when you first installed them.

Does my business need to be ADA compliant?

We are not legal experts here at Sacramento Iron; we’re wrought iron experts. Whether your business has to be ADA compliant depends on a lot of factors such as how large your business is. But we can tell you this: it’s a lot easier just to do it right the first time. If you’re already looking at installing railings, save yourself hassle in the future and just have us put in ADA compliant stair railings, ADA compliant banister railings, or ADA compliant ramp railings.

What if I need to retrofit my building?

Old stairs, ramps, and balconies may or may not have railings that are compliant with the ADA. If you are looking to take out your old railings and replace them with railings that are ADA compliant, we can do that for you! We can also look at your existing railings and tell you if they are ADA compliant. While we’re there, we can work with you on designing new railings that will comply with the most current regulations while also adding a beautiful artistic element to your building or fitting in seamlessly with your existing decoration. Give us a call today to find out how ADA compliant railings can help your Oak Grove, CA or Sacramento, CA home or business!