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Wrought Iron Yard Fencing

Wrought Iron Yard Fencing in El Dorado Hills, CA

Wrought Iron Yard Fencing Applications in El Dorado Hills (Custom Yard Fencing)
Keep the view you are paying for if you don’t need a 5’ fence for pool code.  This 3’ fence does not obscure the view to Folsom Lake and gives the homeowner a million dollar view […]

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Iron Fencing El Dorado Hills, CA

Wrought Iron Fence El Dorado Hills, CA

Custom Wrought Iron Fence Design El Dorado Hills, CA
Difficult spaces and grades are no problem for the expert installation staff at Vintage Iron as seen by this pool fence in Serrano. We can design around any man-made or natural object. The El Dorado Hills area is notorious for its […]

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Wrought Iron Garden Fence

Wrought Iron Garden Fence and Gate Design in Fair Oaks, CA

Custom Garden Fencing Project, Garden Fence Fabrication, Design and Installation in Fair Oaks, Ca
Fair Oaks has many deer and turkeys that may intrude on your garden space.  Call us for a free estimate and design for your garden fencing today. Sometimes nature’s most beautiful animals […]

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Wrought Iron Pool Fence & Pool Fencing

Pool Fence & Pool Fencing in Sacramento

Pool Fence & Pool Fencing in Sacramento to El Dorado Hills, CA
This project was for a home in beautiful Serrano in El Dorado Hills, CA. Serano fencing can be difficult to access and even harder to dig for post setting. El Dorado Hills is known for their hard rocky […]

Curved Fence and Railing Design

Curved Fence and Railing Design Sacramento, CA

Curved Fencing & Fence Designs in Sacramento, CA
Curved fencing and iron hand railings are a specialty of Vintage Iron.  If you are looking for a unique fence to keep the shape of the area that it will be a part of without damaging the landscape, then we at Vintage […]

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Custom Iron Fencing and Security Fence

Custom Iron Fencing and Security Fence

When it comes to security and safety at your home, you definitely want the best! It is so important to be able to keep your home safe. A good security fence will keep strangers and unwelcome visitors out, and it will provide a safe place for children and pets to […]

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Front Yard Iron Fencing

Front Yard Iron Fencing

We offer home security solutions with custom wrought iron

Home owners have a conundrum. It seems impossible to have your front yard be secure and inviting at the same time. Back yards are all very well and good, because you can install a wooden security fence and not seem unfriendly. But it is […]

Chain Link Fence & Gates Sacramento

Chain Link Fence & Gates Service Sacramento

We service all types of chain link fences Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Chain Link Fence Service Area

Greater Sacramento, CA
Roseville, CA
Lincoln, CA
Loomis, CA
Rocklin, CA
Folsom, CA
El Dorado Hills, CA

We will go out of area on a job by job basis (contact the office for more information). […]

Quality Wrought Iron Sacramento

Vintage Iron: Quality Wrought Iron Sacramento

Imagine coming home to this lovely scene. The charming design of the gate welcomes you inside and promises that the home behind the gate is going to be a haven. The yard might be small, but the wrought iron fence changes it from a bungalow to an adorable cottage. If […]

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Wrought Iron Fence for Safety in Sacramento

Wrought Iron Fence for your Safety in Sacramento

Keep your pets safe with an attractive and strong wrought iron fence. At Vintage Iron, our wrought iron fences are built to a higher standard to ensure the highest quality.  Trust your iron projects to Vintage Iron.

At Vintage Iron, we know that your pets are your family. You […]

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